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L'abeille,sentinelle de l'Environnement® (Bees, sentinel of the environment) is a non-profit program created by UNAF, the National Union of French Apiculture, more than 10 years ago.

The aim of this program? Conservation of bees and other pollinating insects. Promote beekeeping. Safeguard the biodiversity of our environment.

With the help of committed partners, Abeilles Sentinelles brings together enthusiasts, working together daily to protect flora and fauna.

Customer : Abeilles Sentinelles

Date : 2013

Category : Website creation, Mobile apps, Digital marketing, Training and support

Site web - Les abeilles - réalisé par Publika
  • Dedicated website

    Following the creation of a first site, Publika and Abeille Sentinelle launched out in the recasting of the corporate site The site, modern and dynamic, describes the activities of the programme, identifies its partners and makes it possible to actively support this cause by signing an online Bees, Sentinels of the Environment charter.

  • Mobile App

    To help disseminate the site and assist Sentinel Bees supporters to keep up with developments as regularly as possible, we have set up a mobile application that also promotes apidays (bee days).

  • Mobile game

    The mobile application allows users to learn more about bees through a quiz the whole year round.

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