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Alliance Laundry Systems is the world number 1 for industrial laundry, with a turnover of more than USD 800 million. Present all over the world, the group includes the biggest makes of domestic and industrial washing machines and dryers, including the century-old Speed Queen brand...

In 2014, Speed Queen, the Group's flagship brand, launched its concept store across Europe, a turnkey solution for opening a self-service laundry. Laundry experts assist the investor at all stages of the endeavour: business plan, choice of location, financing solutions, choice of equipment, construction works and opening of the laundry. Today, Speed Queen has more than 70,000 laundromats around the world and we support the group in its digital growth and its search for leads.

Customer : Alliance

Date : 2015

Category : Website creation, Customised software, Digital marketing, Training and support, Identity

  • Digital strategy audit in 26 countries

    Consulting an external agency made it possible for Alliance to pick out the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy with a view to determining the way forward to develop their brand.

  • Creation and management of a global web marketing strategy

    Understanding how best to communicate in line with the habits and behaviour of clients, depending on nationality, and adapting activities so as to ensure return on investment in each case.

  • Developing tools and managing leads

    Leads management software is an essential development tool for commercial companies. It is the guarantee of traceability for real client monitoring in the various countries.

  • Website development

    To meet Google's latest requirements as well as the expectations of users, Alliance revised all its web supports. Alliance products are innovative and ultra-modern so it is only natural that this applies also to their communication tools.

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