Our task was a formidable one because it involved the communications of a group present on 4 continents, accounting for 1200 employees and producing 1.4 billion tubes per year. The first mission consisted of an analysis of the brand's positioning and in defining its communication objectives in relation to its markets. This was the basis upon which we prepared a global communication strategy for the group.

A communication audit gave us a more global vision of the elements before proceeding with the redesign of the logo and the website. The specifications were strict: the logo had to be simple, stylized and clearly have been derived from the existing logo. Indeed, the complexity of a group established worldwide lies in identifying with the logo, a strong symbol of a company's unity.

Customer : Alltub

Date :

Category : Website creation, Digital marketing, Identity, Communication aids, Global Communications

  • Communications audit and global communication

    After a study of the brand's positioning, we redesigned the logo and graphic charter on all communication tools: logo in grayscale, logo on colored backgrounds, applying it to visiting cards, powerpoints, letterhead, flags flying in front of production plants...

  • Multilingual website

    This site was entirely created using our CMS publipack which makes updating very easy and met all of Alltub's requirements. The simplified and dynamic graphic charter meets the global communication need and makes it possible to highlight the group's products and markets.

  • Web marketing

    In order to be visible on a very competitive and niche industrial market, SEO (natural referencing) has been proven as the best weapon available on Internet

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