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Angelotti is a real estate group which has been based in the south of France for more than 30 years. From Perpignan to Montpellier, Angelotti agencies assist you with real estate sales, land development through construction and real estate management and development. With its wide-ranging activities and its team of experts, Angelotti is the perfect partner for your real estate project.

Since its creation more than 30 years ago, Angelotti has seen continuous growth. In 2014, their activities involved 700 building sites and 250 housing units for sale.

Customer : Angelotti

Date : 2010

Category : Website creation, Customised software, Digital marketing

  • Website

    A tailor-made website was created presenting the group's various programmes and news. The site also includes a complex system of feeds automatically communicating information from the ads on the website to the various real estate platforms Angelotti collaborates with: Yellow Pages,,,...

  • Customised development

    Creating a digital invitation form. The dispatch of invitations and receipt of responses were automated so as to facilitate event management.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    We carried out an ongoing SEO process over a number of years, resulting in continuous growth both in terms of numbers of visits and of conversions.

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