Digital strategy

With Pascal's project for Baches Publicitaires, we were tackling a subject which was pretty close to home. When we were contacted by Pascal,he showed us the website he was trying to use for online sales. The sales objectives being fixed, the roadmap for the months to come was drawn up: redesign the entire website, market-price positioning, modify order processing, improve the systems and, above all, position the site as a leader in the publicity and banner market.

Years later, wer are still collaborating in webmarketing on the v2 site and on new sites opened to diversify activities into large format printing.

Customer : Baches Publicitaires

Date : 2011

Category : Website creation, Digital marketing, Grants and funding

  • Training

    Doing groundwork is always important but helping the customer to understand the techniques used and analyze the data is just as important. We therefore provide this support to the teams for half a day per month.

  • SEO - natural referencing

    SEO remains the most useful and least expensive lever for a shop in the long term.

  • SEA - Paid referencing

    In order to boost sales we also put in place paid referencing solutions with Google Adwords or through salesplaces.

  • Blogging and content writing

    Since the content is really the keystone of good positioning, we write all the articles for the blog and assist with the editorial strategy in its widest sense.

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