Since 1936, at Frontignan, between Sète and Montpellier, Barnier Olive has been preparing, processing its marinated olives and derivatives such as tapenades or tomatoes in oil and making them available to discriminating gourmets. Located in the south of France, the company selects the best olives, including some regional varieties recognized for their unique taste, such as Lucques olives. These olives, from the south of France are then prepared using traditional recipes and shipped all over the world. You can find these wonderful products from Singapore to Vietnam, from Japan to the United States.

Customer : Barnier Olives

Date : Février 2012

Category : Identity, Communication aids

  • Packaging

    Reworking of the whole range of product labels to ensure they more adequately reflect the quality of the product whilst still remaining suitable for sale internationally and in delicatessen stores.

  • Brochures and POS

    Creation of brochures and advice sheets in line with the graphic charter established upstream

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