The mead market is a niche one mainly involving bee-lovers and people interested in trying this drink which goes back to the times of our ancestors, the Gauls! There were therefore two main problems to address:

  • The general public's lack of awareness of the product
  • Awareness-raising through the packaging

It was Alexander who had the idea of oenological mead. So, working with oenologists and innovative agronomists, he was able to create different varieties of mead, each with its own packaging.

This process, which was very similar to winemaking, gave us an idea: why not sell mead as if it were a good wine?

Customer : Clos des sentinelles

Date :

Category : Identity, Communication aids, Global Communications

  • The search for a name

    The name “Le Clos des Sentinelles" was born from the parallel with winemaking. "Le Close" refers to famous chateaux and vineyards and the "Sentinelle" to bees, of course! We then decided to continue the winemaking analogy and to set up ranges and vintages which would each have their specific characteristics: mellow, dry, medium dry…

  • Packaging

    For the packaging, we naturally continued with the wine metaphor and created labels with bright colors and evocative names: the immutable, the innate image...

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