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Connect Together is a voluntary social network whose aim is to be a support tool for associations. The latter can thus communicate in a focused manner with their members or donors without their message being confused or drowned out by other social networks' messages.

Each association can thus have its own white-labelled social network and use the tools provided by ConnectTogether: emailing, push on mobile app, online purchasing, ticketting, public and or private messaging… ConnectTogether also makes it possible to carry out collect funding for projects through a payment monitoring tool.

Lastly, as the tool made available is financed simply by a percentage on the transactions, it is free from all advertising.

Customer : Connect together

Date :

Category : Website creation, Mobile apps, Customised software, Digital marketing, Training and support, Identity, Global Communications

  • Logo

    The logo shows, as a pictograph, a little man with open arms, symbolising conviviality and sharing while also being easily recognizable.

  • Customised development

    The new social network was made to measure using PHP/Mysql technology.

  • Mobile App

    In order to improve the quality of exchanges and the reactivity between members and associations, we deployed a mobile app which offers all the functionalities of the website.

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