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Hitachi is the second most important Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. The Hitachi Group is comprised of 1000 companies with over 300,000 employees. We were contacted because the group wished to renew and enliven its communication about the air-conditioning sector in France.

As a first step, Publika undertook a market study on the different media used.

One conclusion quickly emerged: the visual supports and communication tools were deemed too technical and unsuitable for female audiences, which are increasingly influential when it comes to buying air conditioners.

Customer : Hitachi

Date : 2014

Category : Identity, Communication aids, Global Communications

  • Communication study

    Together with the group's marketing department, we set up a study on the location of the brochure distribution points and undertook consumer surveys to understand how media aids were used and how well understood.

  • Modifying the aids

    Based on this analysis, we then advised the group to modify these aids, while still scrupulously respecting the graphic charter of the Japanese headquarters, which obviously applies all over the world.

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