Are you always wondering what time Zara opens or when the local supermarket closes?

All such doubts are eliminated thanks to Horaires Commerces, a site that publishes online the opening hours of shops and services.

During their graduate studies in commerce, Olivier, Julien and Grégory realized that there was no database accessible to everyone and showing the opening hours of all the stores in France. They then put their heads together and developed a site, Horaires Commerces, to fill this gap. They allow users to obtain information and small traders and major retailers alike to have a window on the web.

Customer : Horaires Commerces

Date : 2011

Category : Website creation, Mobile apps, Digital marketing, Identity

  • Consulting

    The first thing to be done was to examine the existing site in order to better understand the user pathways, to respond more quickly to their searches and to improve navigability.

  • SEO campaign

    Further to these improvements, we implemented an SEO campaign, which resulted in visibility to more than 5 million visitors a year, to this day. This campaign was strengthened by the implementation of a content strategy

  • Digital social networks

    This increase in content quality also allowed us to use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and raise the profile of the services offered.

  • Mobile App

    Finally we deployed a mobile app so that the services of Horaires Commerces could be accessed via smartphone

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