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For all of us, Hôtel Mercure brings instantly to mind Laurette Lapeine. A businesswoman known for her dynamism, good humor and exceptional taste, she has called on us for many communication tasks relating to the Montpellier Hotel Mercure.

We cannot press you too strongly to you to try this hotel ... A lobby whose decor varies with the seasons, a restaurant where it is a pleasure to linger, a glass of excellent wine in your hand, a really well thought out range of business services and what must be one of the most beautiful amphitheatres in the whole of Montpellier.

Customer : Hôtel Mercure

Date : Février 2017

Category : Website creation, Digital marketing, Training and support, Identity

  • Website

    Accessible to all but especially suitable for businesses, we prepared a special message about the amphitheater proposed by the hotel

  • Fact sheets

    Special fact sheets were drawn up to highlight those litte extras that make a hotel a pleasant and comfortable place

  • Marketing Support

    Whether for communication on social networks, natural referencing or how to write for the internet, we have been present to support the teams.

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