Interservice is a domestic services cooperative. With more than 1600 specialists across France it offer its members' customers a tax credit on the work carried out.

The sites handles many kinds of job, such as gardening, administrative assistance, computer support or simply daily chores.

Our task? Help develop the services offered to members and publicise Interservice.

Customer : Interservices

Date : 2017

Category : Website creation, Mobile apps, Customised software, Digital marketing, Grants and funding

  • Website

    The website allows members to consult their quotation requests and respond to their customers in real time; as for prospects, they can make a fully automised request for intervention, leading to improved responsiveness.

  • Mobile App

    All the services are also available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Web marketing and content marketing

    We set up a qualitative content strategy via in-depth articles on a dedicated blog, promoted by social networks, but also through a natural referencing campaign across France.

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