Is there anyone who has not heard of the prestigious newspaper, "Le Monde"? Over the years, Le Monde, in addition to being a newspaper, has developed many tools and services for subscribers.

Although some projects are carried out internally, "Le Monde" regularly approaches advertising agencies to develop various tools and communication aids.

It is in this context that the Publika Agency was contacted to handle a first series of projects involving the creation of e-mailing campaigns to subscribers relating to advertising.

Customer : Le Monde

Date : 2012

Category : Identity, Communication aids

  • Graphic design

    The design issue was both simple and complex: naturally, the graphic charter of the group had to be respected but, at the same time, enough creativity had to be deployed for the tools developed to achieve the established, commercial goal, namely the placing of orders.

  • Maximum compatibility

    On top of that, our integrators faced a more technical difficulty. Ensuring the mailing was perfectly compatible with the different messaging systems used by the recipients.

  • Timeframe

    For this major operation, we had less than 48 hours to meet the first challenge

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