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The world's leading producer of cod liver oil and Omega3, Lysi is an Icelandic company and a leader in the research and development, processing and marketing of fish oils.

Already present on the international scene, Lysi contacted us for help in establishing themselves on the French market. As we all know, the image of cod oil in France is not exactly an exalted one but the challenge was accepted by the team! Fish oil must become, once again, a dietary supplement consumed in France.

Customer : Lysi

Date : 2013

Category : Website creation, Digital marketing, Training and support, Communication aids, Global Communications

  • Branding

    Create a new graphic charter for the Lysi product range integrating French graphic codes as well as a product identity.

  • Packaging

    Rejuvenate the image of the product, highlight and enhance Icelandic authenticity and tradition, clearly identify the product range (beauty, cardiovascular, brain health).

  • Responsive e-commerce website

    Quickly build market share by developing its reputation on the internet through an online sales website coupled with a blog to provide information regularly both to newcomers and food supplement enthusiasts.

  • Digital strategy

    To become well-known and reach the targets using all appropriate media: press kit, social networks, SEO, Adwords campaign, ... Lysi France wants to be close to its customers and guide them in discovering the benefits of Omega 3.

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