Marketing, reputation,
communication and software!

When you are a leaders in the field of tourist accommodation in France it is not always easy to provide a full picture of these activities to the wider public.

In fact, each year Odalys welcomes more than 2 million tourists in nearly 400 residences.

The support we have provided for many years concerns the sale and resale of real estate managed by Odalys on behalf of tens of thousands of owners and investors.

Customer : Odalys

Date : Février 2017

Category : Website creation, Customised software, Digital marketing, Training and support, Identity

  • Websites

    We have developed dedicated websites for owner-based communication (payment of rents, lists of residences, personal information), but also support sites for real estate sales and searches for assets for resale.

  • Webmarketing and e-reputation

    We have supported the brand to help it better interact with owners and to demonstrate the full potential of a brand like Odalys, which exists since 1998.

  • Customised software

    The software created makes it possible to see at any time which residences or assets are for sale, who the buyers are and also to find out the tiniest details of the purchase process. It also offers statistical tools and sales support.

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