The company Impulseo, based in Béziers, specializes in the sale of equipment and products for physiotherapists. The majority of their sales take place through their online store Bruno and Damien, the managers, contacted us to create a catalog to develop their mail order business, but also heighten awareness of their company amongst customers or prospective customers

Customer : Physiothérapie

Date : 2015

Category : Identity, Communication aids

  • Drawing up the graphic Charter

    To project the modernity, reliability and dynamism of the company, we worked on the existing graphic charter prepared for other purposes (brochures, order form...) to create the idea of something dynamic and warm (as opposed to the "cold" image of goods for sale).

  • Pictograms

    We also made a series of customised pictograms so as to illustrate the different sections: thermo and cryotherapy, office furniture, office equipment, massage, rehabilitation...

  • Catalog

    The catalog was printed with beautiful finishes: high quality paper, matt film and spot varnish on the cover pages, tabs cut on all inside pages...

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