Making security
Accessible to all!

The idea of Syto security and of Neighbours to trust is to bring security and serenity to all by using internet and the communities that can be established on it.

The aim is to allow anyone who so wishes to invest in remote monitoring but without having to sign a contract with a company.

The goal is twofold: save money, improve the response time.

In fact, it is your neighbors who will be connected automatically via automated robots and customizable solutions through a network developed on the internet.

Customer : Syto Sécurité

Date : Février 2017

Category : Website creation, Customised software, Identity

  • Websites

    There were not one but two websites to be set up. The first serves to control, set up and validate a remote monitoring programme. The second to host a community network connected to alarms.

  • Connection to alarms

    We set up gateways and web services connected directly via M2M solutions to alarms to generate calls and provide unparalleled responsiveness to users.

  • Development of the community tool

    The community tool enables you to choose the people to be contacted, but also to offer to intervene for your neighbours, or ask for help from other people nearby. Additional services can also be ordered: plant watering, feeding a pet...

So you want to create a website
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