the Training Programme

The training programme offered by Montpellier 3 University is extremely rich and dynamic. It relies on professors, senior lecturers and recognized research laboratories.

The aim of our work here was to successfully design a catalog with nearly 300 pages illustrating the training programme using high quality photographs and detailed content.

This enabled the university to provide a high quality document which took nearly a year to prepare, to help it achieve its goals.

Customer : Université Montpellier 3

Date : Février 2017

Category : Identity, Communication aids

  • Editorial support

    The agency's copywriting and writing department did not write the content of this publication. Nevertheless, we were requested to support its production and to review it carefully.

  • Graphic charter

    A document like this needed a unique graphic charter made to measure. This was designed in consultation with photographers, content editors and the final decision makers.

  • Document Creation and Layout

    No fewer than 4 creative artists in the agency were involved in bringing this project to life. Each page has its own, unique layout, depending on the photographs and content.

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