Visual identity

Visual communication knows us. Our graphic design studio has been creating (and developing) graphic charters for your communication media every day for more than ten years, with constant attention to detail, aesthetics and marketing effectiveness.

To do this, our specialized team will develop several lines of thought to offer you before creating a variation of media allowing you to project yourself entirely into this new visual identity.

01 Brand image

The communication of your brand, in print and digital, requires above all a strong visual identity. True expression of your values, it must also adapt to always be in tune with the times. Our communication agency will be able to support you at every stage of the realization of your project.

Harmonize the identity of your brand and its graphic charter to the different markets, while remaining in the trend and ensuring the relevance of each element for the medium and the targeted targets.

02 Creation of communication supports

Our art direction works with copywriters and graphic designers specializing in web and print. Our teams will help you develop a strong visual identity while adapting your brand identity and image to different markets and audiences.

We can manage the artistic creation of all your com media. All these media will be available on a new graphic charter and visual identity:

  • Logo and graphic elements
  • Slogan and development of the sales pitch
  • Signage
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Landing pages
  • brand design
Our other skills Branding & print