Digital marketing

The digital communication agency Publika has more than 20 years of experience. From the creation of websites to the management of Adwords campaigns, via SEO, Publika helps dozens of start-ups and large accounts each year to increase their visibility and consolidate their business through digital marketing.

01The communication agency in a nutshell...

A digital communication agency supports all or part of the promotion of a company or a personality. This communication may concern display advertising and events as well as digital marketing. A distinction can be made between internal com - intended to federate teams around a business project - from external com - the purpose of which is to make the company known.

The agency will also be able to carry out performance audits, develop a marketing strategy for its clients and set up a tailor-made action plan. In general, each agency has one or two major specialties (digital agency, event agency, marketing agency, etc.).

02 Why work with our digital agency

Many clients entrust their communication with a certain reluctance: will the digital agency be up to it? Will our sensitive information be safe with them? Aren't the rates applied by the agency overpriced? Does the digital agency bring me real expertise?

Choosing a digital communication agency is never easy. Clients will have a thousand reasons to doubt and the agency's primary function is to reassure them. The digital marketing agency Publika is completely transparent towards its clients: we listen and we always propose a tailor-made communication strategy, depending on the budget available each month, the material or human constraints and the skills available.

Our professionalism goes hand in hand with our frankness: if we believe that a client is on the wrong track, we do not hesitate to let them know. We always work in the marketing interest of our clients.

03 The benefits for your business

Expertise: no need to train in-house teams. If you wish, we can however intervene as a training organization. Develop new skills in the digital world or update your knowledge of new technologies thanks to our individual or group training.

Considerable time savings: our agency frees you from time-consuming tasks. We do them better and faster, because communication is our job. You free up your staff and refocus on your business, your company's raison d'être, what you know how to do best.

A gain in serenity: your managers can rely on the advice of our experts. You are accompanied throughout your project (whether it is a campaign launch, a visual identity redesign, the development of your brand internationally or the design of a new landing page). The appointed project manager guides you and reassures you: he takes responsibility for failures if necessary..

A strategic partnership: Publika acts as an extension of internal teams. We take every project we sign to heart.