Client MaPetiteAgence
  • Branding & print
  • Web & développement
  • Marketing digital
Year 2016

Strategy digital


MapetiteAgence offers surfers a great idea: access to all the services of a real life agency without having to pay any commission fees.

Thus, Mapetiteagence offers owners the opportunity to sell their property using professional photos, exporting to sites like leboncoin or seloger, and with personalized coaching advice on the internet or at home.

We worked together on a number of areas: brand positioning, website recovery, asset management software and coaching and webmarketing support.


Brand Positioning

We modernized the logo and the slogan in order to implement hard-hitting campaigns.


The website allows both insertion of new ads and viewing of existing ones as well as providing information about Mapetiteagence on PC, phone or tablet.

Webmarketing support

Once the tools were in place, we assisted with positioning the site and optimising the SEO campaigns as well as setting up transactional mailing tools.

Customised software

To manage the various activities, we developed tailor-made software adapted to the needs of customers: agenda, management flow and distribution of goods, coach management, sales of complementary products, invoice management ...