Client IPSIP
  • Branding & print
  • Marketing digital
Year 2017

Charter graphic


Some activities are difficult to understand and even more difficult to position. IPSP works in this area of ​​IT. The goal of the company is to allow the hosting of sensitive data and, more especially, to offer the services of a 24/7 monitoring center.

In this way, companies that can't put together the teams needed for their network infrastructure can subcontract to IPSIP part or all of the task of keeping them up and running.

IPSIP also supports promising start-ups and has its own training school based in Vietnam.



We conducted several interviews with the directors to understand how to successfully convey the way they think about their communication tools business and service and to properly describe what they do.

Communications Chart

We aimed to set up a dynamic communication charter with trendier colors, giving special attention to the colour scheme and the inclusion of pictograms.