La brasserie Vailhauquoise

La brasserie Vailhauquoise

Client La brasserie Vailhauquoise
  • Branding & print
Year 2017

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Vailhauquès is a small village of about 3,000 inhabitants in the Languedoc Roussillon region. Situated only a few kilometers from Montpellier, this very attractive area boasts numerous businesses and services.

Brasserie Vailhauquoise, located right in the center of the village, has a welcoming, family atmosphere. An ideal place for convivial get-togethers, it offers a shady and sheltered terrace right on the central square of Vailhauquès. You will be served traditional, quality cuisine at very reasonable prices.


PRINT communication support

Publika handled the design of the brewery's menu and a promotional flyer. The objective was to endow the brewery with an image which conveyed quality but without taking away its simplicity and sincerity. From the graphic image to taking care of printing, we ensured that your values were reflected, whilst maintaining your authenticity and visual coherence.