Google concentrates more than 80% of searches in France and Google Ads (AdWords) has therefore become the most used advertising network. Publika, SEA agency based in Montpellier has developed expertise in the creation and management of AdWords campaigns. Thanks to our know-how, our clients can develop their traffic, improve their notoriety, maximize their leads and generate additional sales in a very short time.

01 Creation of Google Ads campaigns

Our team starts by doing a detailed audit of your campaign keywords and a competitive analysis. Without in-depth keyword work, SEA campaigns are doomed to failure. They do not generate qualified leads and quickly become an unsustainable expense item. The experts of our SEA agency pay particular attention to negative keywords and ensure that your campaigns attract qualified prospects, interested in your offer and ready to become customers.

02 Management and optimization of Google Ads campaigns

SEA ads are built around the semantics predefined by our web agency. Our AdWords campaign management specialists ensure maximum consistency between the commercial message of your SEA ads and the subject of Internet users' research. The objective of our communication agency : to optimize your campaigns and reduce the cost of your advertisements.

Let's build AdWords ads that deliver your company's best message

03 Remarketing and display campaigns

It is possible to "relaunch" users who have not "converted" on the first try. That is, people who clicked on your AdWords ad, but didn't complete the sales process. These people are therefore interested in your products, but your message has not completely convinced: it is up to us to redo a campaign specially developed for these half-convinced customers.

04 Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a Google Ads service: it allows you to show a selection of products for sale to all Internet users who have a real purchase intention. By going through Google Shopping, you increase the chances of success a little more. This service will be of particular interest to e-commerce and people working in “Retail”.

05 YouTube Ads

Seduce and impact your future customers with text ads in the heart of videos or by highlighting your services in a viral video, this is what the advertising offer on YouTube offers. Our SEA agency will be able to guide you in setting up a marketing strategy that integrates the main advertising formats of the second most used search engine.

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