Among the 4.2 billion Internet users worldwide, there are 3.4 billion social network users, which is equivalent to 44% of the inhabitants of the planet. The number of users continues to increase every year. In France, it is estimated that 89% of French people are connected to the Internet and that 59% of all Internet users use it. Overall, the French spend almost an hour a day consulting social networks and mobile applications.

01Why use social networks?

Social media is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. Either to promote your brand or your products and services, digital marketing strategies will allow you to build an audience and attract customers to you. Natural referencing (SEO), paid referencing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads...), content marketing, social media, the experts of our communication agency guide you in the strategy to adopt to develop the notoriety of your company.

02Which social network to choose?

Each social network has its own audience and its own characteristics. In addition, the possibilities of use on each platform are enormous. Depending on your target, the habits of your audience and your domain, you can determine the networks on which to intervene. To know which network to choose for your business, you should first define your objectives: they can be both notoriety and conversion.

LinkedIn is the most important network in the professional field. It has 506 million subscribers from all over the world. Only in France, there are 16 million. This social network allows you to connect with other subscribers (either professionals or companies). Facebook, Instagram or YouTube may be relevant in your business strategy.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, specialized blogs are essential tools to reach your customers, interact with your community and offer them value.

03 Our Social Media services

Our team offers you an SMO schedule that will frame each publication. It includes the visuals, the messages to convey and the media platforms on which to disseminate the information. From simple informative articles to infographics, including videos, we create and publish engaging and regular content for you.

Based on these organic publications, our SEA specialists will design - if necessary - your paid search campaigns on Facebook, YouTube or Linkedin. Performance reports can be edited to follow the evolution of posts and interaction with your audience.

In addition to optimizing your communication on social networks, our agency specializing in natural referencing will be able to support you in developing your visibility on search engines. Contact us for a global and adapted communication.

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