SEO - Natural Referencing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Natural Referencing is the set of techniques that optimize web content (a web page, a video, an image, publications on social networks, etc.) for search engines (search engine). It is therefore a vast set that concerns both web writing and image processing or traffic analysis. Without forgetting paid referencing (Google Ads/Adwords campaigns), complementary to organic referencing.

01 Why do SEO?

90% of sales have a direct or indirect relationship with the web. When buyers don't buy directly online, they do some research beforehand to learn about the company and its offering. More than 80% of these searches are done via a smartphone (hence the importance of having responsive sites that load quickly in 3G and a fortiori in 4G).

Conclusion: you absolutely must appear in the first search results (for the queries that interest you). And preferably via your website and/or your blog.

02 Google: the world's leading search engine

Google concentrates 95% of user searches in France and around 80% worldwide. The search engine sorts content every day according to several criteria, including the relevance of the content to the query (the keywords used).

90% of internet users stop at the first page of search results. They won't go any further. In some cases, they stop at the first 5 URLs offered by Google. They will only go further if they have not found satisfaction (but as Google updates its results to present the best content there is, it is rare that the Internet user has to go further…).

The competition for the first half of the first page is more than tough… Healthy competition though, as it helps bring out the best results. Unless you make it your job, the SEO agency has become essential.

SEO = quality natural referencing = more visibility = more traffic = more leads!

03 How to move up in search results

Simple answer to a technical question: by doing daily work on SEO. In other words, by producing quality content, whose semantics you will work on and which you promote by all means available.

The keyword: the key to SEO positioning
How did you get to this page? By typing a query on search engines (probably Google). And even if you got there by another means (after browsing the site for example or via our social networks), it's a safe bet that it all started with one or more keywords.

A keyword or “keyphrase” is a series of terms that match a user query (sometimes in the form of a question).

Example: “SEO agency”. A person who types “agency” and “seo” in Google, expects to have information on the agencies in his region, their services, their rates…

The SEO agency to the rescue!
The communication agency Publika helps dozens of companies every year in the redesign or creation of their websites, without forgetting the SEO optimization that goes with it... We create SEO-friendly content, in order to maximize your visibility and boost your sales. Our number 1 objective: to make you appear in first place!

04 SEO audit and log analysis

It is essential to identify the existing to define your web strategy. This is why we are auditing your current positioning compared to your main competitors. We also analyze:

  • loading time,
  • The indexing of the site,,
  • HTML markup,,
  • The form and content of the published content,
  • Positioned pages,
  • Competing sites (% visibility, average position, etc.)

At the same time, we do a log analysis, which consists of looking for:

  • Pages crawled by Google Bots
  • Active pages that drive SEO traffic
  • The errors encountered by Googlee
  • Orphan pages

Based on this audit, we make an intelligent selection of the most effective keywords to generate quality traffic and define the entire SEO strategy to optimize your visibility on search engines (Google).

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